Smart Water Metering Solution

  • RPMA IoT

    Water management solution for river based water sources.

    Pylot has ben appointed by Bosch Munitech to provide an IoT platform to monitor water consumption from rivers by farmers in the area. This will inlcude the installation of an Ingenu RPMA low power wide area network (LPWAN) with RPMA modems to collect flow meter data from a wide range of flow meters. 

    Government entities are starting to demand stricter control and reporting from farmers who draw irrigation water straight from rivers. In the past the disperse locations of the water pump stations, normally based down in a dip near the river's edge, has meant that communications to these areas has been difficult, relying on cellular operator networks. With the introduction of these new LPWAN networks such as Ingenu, that provide a more stable and reliable network with better distances and penetration, collecting data remotely from these pump stations is now feasible. 

    The up-side to rolling out an RPMA LPWAN network for the local irrigation board to gather the relevant data is that the farmers in the area can utilise the network to implement additional IoT solutions  to collect information such as soil moisture, rainfall, reservoir levels, and to gather all this data in to the same Pylot Portal where they view their water consumption statistics.