Smart Farms

  • The Pylot Smart Farm solution gives growers the opportunity to utilize technology to gather information about their farm that allows them to make quicker, more cost-effective decisions, all at an affordable price. The Pylot solution covers many aspects of a farmer’s daily operation but typically irrigation is the biggest benefit of this solution. Electricity and water consumption is a major cost factor and correct management of these reources can save costs and reduce wastage of these scarce resources. Studies have shown that by using the data gathered by the system, there can be a typical saving of 3 hours per month for a single center pivot irrigator. When one equates this to the cost per hour for the water and electricity saved over this period, the solution pays for itself in a matter of months.


    Solution Overview

    The solution is made up of six main components:

    • Sensors to collect data – these could be reservoir level sensors, electricity meters, flow meters, soil moisture sensors, rain gauge sensors, water pressure sensors, GPS sensors, in-tractor sensors etc.
    • A network to send the data back to the Pylot management portal server, located in the internet.
    • Ability to gather data and information from other 3rd party systems
    • A user portal to review all the data obtained. This portal is accessible from any web browser and is also available on mobile devices.
    • Control and automation – once the data has been collected the farmer may wish to activate certain functions, and may even wish to automate certain functions on the farm, such as controlling water pumps and valves
    • Optimisation - with the information at hand Pylot can offer sustainable energy management solutions to further reduce costs. Solutions such as solar power generation can significantly contribute to a more sustainable farm environment. 

    The key to the solution is its flexibility and the user-friendly interface. Pylot is able to add most devices and sensors to its solution, and include them in the management portal.


    The Pylot Management Portal

    The management portal provides the farmer with the ability to easily view the data gathered and make quick, informed decisions.

    • View historical data from sensors and probes.
    • View and run detailed historical reports.
    • Get real-time status of sensors and probes.
    • Snapshots of key areas e.g. direction of pivot arm, is it moving, are you currently irrigating.
    • Perform control functions from the same screen (switch pumps on/off, open/close valves)
    • Add additional widgets and views.
    • Monitor status of maintenance and field requests (e.g. task assigned to move rock from field)

    From experience, Pylot finds that once the farmer has been using the system for a few months, we then sit down and look at what components we can start to control and automate to add further value. In summary, the Pylot Smart Farm solution brings user friendly technology to the farmer, and this technology allows the farmer to improve productivity whilst reducing costs. The solution is flexible to ensure we provide the best solution to the farmer.