Pylot Portal

  • The Pylot Management Portal

    A truly successful smart city solution relies on collecting reliable and accurate data, but most importantly it relies on an easy-to-use management and user interface for quick access, to allow cities to make quick decisions that aid in improving service delivery at a reduced cost.

  • The Pylot Management Portal is a user-friendly application available on the web as well as on Smart devices. The application allows users to manage and monitor the data that is collected from various IOT sources required to maintain and run a successful smart city, department or relevant operation. It has a rich graphical interface that makes it easy to study trends in data and identify issues that might need attention. Interactive geographical maps are available to view the locations of devices as well as further information on them. Colour-coded alerts notify users when values are abnormally high, low or simply not correct in general depending on the use-case. The application allows for in depth reporting, giving the user the ability to filter by specific parameters in order to customise reports based on their requirements. The reports are made up of graphs, data tables and geographical maps.